The Declaration

The Declaration - Gemma Malley Great premise, lackluster story.I actually contemplated stopping reading this one halfway through (which I rarely do) just because the writing style was bothering me so much. There was more *telling* than *showing* and some of the backstory tangents revealed things about the characters which seemed to go against how they were initially portrayed. These parts were kind of stuck in the middle of everything else, and were hard to follow; I often found myself wondering "why is this important?" There were a number of journal entries as well, and whereas the journal played an important role in the story, the entries themselves were basically a redundant re-telling of the events that happened in the story. The ending really threw me for a loop as well, and I didn't quite understand how the resolution fit in with the world as it was described throughout the rest of the novel... it didn't make sense that the Authorities would have dealt with the situation as they did. There were also a couple of parts of the book that ended up being ridiculously unrealistic coincidences. The 'rescuer' in the novel banked a lot on an escape plan that had to have about a dozen 'sheer luck' things go exactly right in order for it to work. Even when they do escape, there are another half-dozen happy accidents and bold assumptions that if they had been wrong about any one of them, their plan would have failed miserably. The final redemption coming at exactly the right moment was just another event in this world of seemingly endless coincidences that made me roll my eyes. Needless to say, I won't be reading the rest of the series.