Loki's Wolves: Blackwell Pages: Number 1 in series

The Blackwell Pages 01. Loki's Wolves - K. L. Armstrong;M. A. Marr Matt (a descendant of Thor) teams up with Laurie and Fen (descendants of Loki) to gather a team of other god-descendants who will battle monsters to prevent the end of the world.It was like the world had spun backward a thousand years and now they were old enough to eave home and get married, old enough to fight, old enough to die. They were being asked to risk death because somewhere forever ago they had relatives who were gods. Worse still, these gods had died and left them a mess to handle.This myths-in-present-day middle grade adventure is somewhat typical of the genre (is that a genre on its own? seems like it). Start with some kids descendant from gods, add in some mythological doomsday, toss in a “chosen one” prophecy, spice it up with some rivalries and prejudices, and you have a sure win for fans of Rick Riordan’s middle grade series.This story, however, seemed to be just that and not a whole lot more. I didn’t feel like there was much to set it apart from Percy Jackson or The Kane Chronicles. Perhaps middle-grade readers who adore the mythological-descendant series will really get into this one, but for the older reader, it seemed very formulaic and predictable.Overall: A fun ride, but not much for originality.