I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Nine's Legacy

Nine's Legacy - Pittacus Lore This novella recounts the back story of Number Nine, a member of the Lorien Garde who is in training to fight the Mogodorians.In whatever dismal corner of the universe the Mogadorians that manage to escape me gather, this day will be discussed in hushed tones as when the annihilation of their race became a certainty.I’m going to kill them all.The of all the I Am Number Four stories, this has been one of my favorites. Although Nine may seem like a somewhat shallow character from Four’s perspective, this book gives him more depth and connection with the reader, which I wasn’t anticipating. His story also can serve as a great catch-up for those like me who haven’t read the other Lorien books in awhile, though it may be a bit tedious to read right after the full-length novels, as many parts to intersect and overlap.Overall: Another short story that tells Nine’s story and how he came to where we found him in the Lorien saga.