Far Far Away

Far Far Away - Tom McNeal Jeremy Johnson Johnson has the ability to hear ghosts — in particular, the ghost of Jacob Grimm, who has sworn to protect Jeremy from the Finder of Occasions, a hidden evil who is waiting for an opportunity to strike again.Besides, what harm could come from a visit to the bakery in the company of three pretty girls?None.That’s what I told myself.But in this matter, as in others, I would be proved wrong.At first, I wasn’t entirely certain what to think of this novel. I liked the fact that it was narrated by the ghost of Jacob Grimm, and the unusual character and place names (such as a town called Never Better) hinted at other fantastical elements. Watching Jeremy open up and begin to enjoy life under the influence of the spunky copper-haired Ginger made it feel like a sweet coming-of-age story, but that’s not really what it was either.In fact, I spent most of the first 2/3 of the novel wondering where the plot was going. Mysteries were hinted at, but the action doesn’t really start until after page 250, at which point the book takes an entirely different turn than I ever expected. While this turn was unexpected, intense, and tied together a number of story elements that had previously seemed somewhat random, I still completed the story with the feeling that the last 1/3 came kind of out of nowhere.Overall: A modern-day fairy tale, though not the Disney version.