The Restorer

The Restorer - Amanda Stevens *This book would have gotten a higher rating except for one sexually explicit scene that kind of made me feel like I was reading a trashy romance novel. This one scene, about thirty pages from the end, kind of ruined my opinion about the main characters and the entire book.This is a paranormal suspense/horror/mystery focusing around Amelia, a cemetery restorer who can see the dead. When the police begin to find murder victims disposed of in a cemetery that she's restoring, she ends up pulled into a decades-old mystery. This book has tragedy, a bit of romance, lots of neat information about cemeteries (which I found incredibly interesting!), and enough of a creepiness factor that you don't want to be reading it at home alone at night. I had my suspicions about the resolution, but there were a few twists along the way that kept it fresh and kept the reader guessing.The ending did leave quite a few things open and unresolved -- most irritatingly, the romantic subplot kind of went from unhealthy obsession to friendship to attraction to passion and then to kind of a mutual "eh, now's not a good time."Overall, I was really drawn into this book. I was fascinated with the information about cemeteries and headstones and burials that was given throughout the book, and it was a fairly quick, easy read that I'd recommend... just skip the part where she goes to his house -- it's a bit too much info, in my opinion.