Summer Ruins: The Last Year, #4

Summer Ruins - Trisha Leigh Althea and the other Dissidents make a final stand against the Others who have taken control of Earth and brainwashed humanity.The Others are the enemy. Forget what they’ve told you. Remember how things used to be. Fight them. Fight them now, or we’re all going to die.Althea’s story, which began with Whispers in Autumn, Winter Omens, and Betrayals in Spring comes to a close here in what I believe to be the strongest book of the series. The scene has been set, the tension has been built up, and the four half-human/half-Others are now left with the task of finding a way to rid the Earth of the Others, and ensuring that they don’t leave simply to destroy another planet. This book is highly emotional, where relationships are built and tested, and the decisions that have to be made aren’t easy ones. I also like how the author took us further into the rabbit hole by bringing the characters to the Harvest Site, and showing us a side of the world that we hadn’t seen in prior books. I was very satisfied with the ending as well; the author didn’t leave any pesky loose ends, and though it wasn’t completely happy, it felt entirely resolved.The pacing was a bit slow in parts, with a lot of contemplation and nail-biting about what was being planned. Also, some of the more scientific aspects seemed overly complex for a group of teenagers to actually figure out (I’m not even sure I completely understood how they did what they did).Overall: A fantastic end to a unique, exciting YA dystopian series.