Cross My Heart

Cross My Heart - Sasha Gould This YA historical fiction mystery/romance is set in 16th century Venice. After her sister's mysterious death, Laura is removed from her convent to take her place as the bride of a wealthy, elderly gentleman. Desperate for escape from the marriage, she accepts the help of a secret society of women -- though as the story progresses and she finds herself in more dangerous situations, she wonders if her trust in them may be ill-founded.This book is chock full of drama, danger, and secrets. The plot moves quickly with dangerous revelations and startling events throughout the entire novel, which makes it a really excellent quick read. Though some of the minor characters (and perhaps a few of the major characters) are a bit one-dimensional, they serve their purpose in the plot well nonetheless. At first, I had a bit of trouble keeping track of which characters were related to or married to which ones in Laura's social circle, but found it easier to follow as the story went on. As with many YA novels, the love story aspect progresses in fast-forward compared with real-life relationships (I think they had met only four or five times before they expressed their undying love for one another), but the author didn't go too overboard with the romance aspect of it; it was only one thread of the whole story.Overall, I enjoyed the story, and it definitely did hold my interest and make me want to keep reading to find out how it all resolved.