The Flight of Gemma Hardy

The Flight of Gemma Hardy - "The Flight of Gemma Hardy" is a modern retelling of "Jane Eyre," taking place in Scotland. I'm a big fan of the original classic, so my expectations were pretty high. The plot lived up to its claim to be a modern retelling... in fact, in some cases, I thought it was TOO close to the original -- much of the setting was very rural and a bit old-fashioned, which made it seem less "modern" and more a copy of the original than I would have liked. The spirit of it, though, I think is close to the original, and the first-person narrative really helps flesh out what Gemma (and thereby, Jane) was thinking and feeling.**SPOILERS**A warning, though, readers looking for a romantic, sweep-you-off-your-feet ending, look elsewhere! In true modern/feminist love story fashion, the book doesn't end like the original, with Jane happily back with Mr. Rochester, eager to finally marry him now that the obstacles have been overcome. In this one, Gemma takes a "finding out about myself" pilgrimage, and when her true love meets her on the airplane (isn't that a cliche!) she rattles off a list of personal goals, and when he accepts that she's an individual, independent, grown woman, she vaguely implies that she really does love him and wants to spend her life with him, and kisses him. Yup. Kind of a letdown.