Fear (Gone Series #5)

Fear - Michael  Grant This YA novel is the fifth book in the "Gone" series, about a group of kids cut off from the rest of the world in a supernatural "bubble" -- left alone to battle the strangely-evolved animals, monsters, and each other.I've really enjoyed this series... I feel like each time I sit down to read, it's like watching a new episode of a favorite TV show. It has many varying characters to relate to, intense struggles for survival and justice, fast-paced action, and a coming-of-age theme throughout as these kids take charge and are forced to grow up too quickly.This one was not, however, one of my favorites. The premise was interesting -- their bubble is turning dark and soon they'll have no light. Meanwhile the dying gaiaphage is trying to find a body to take over. But I felt this one was kind of slow, with a lot of introspection and characters acting out-of-character. I "get" that they were all facing their fears and that changed them... but it made this book seem a bit more plodding than the others. And some of the out of character actions didn't have anything to do with their fear... I mean, Taylor teaming up with Caine? Huh?Also... What about TAYLOR!?!?Overall, as a part of the whole, it works, but definitely not my favorite of the series.