Lies (Gone Series #3)

Lies - Michael  Grant I'm really pleasantly surprised that even after three books, I'm still interested in this series and wanting to know what happens next; I honestly figured that by this point I'd be bored with it, but the author strikes a great balance of keeping up with old characters and introducing new ones, each book with a conflict and resolution of its own, but each fitting well into the overall storyline. The characters show development, but because there are so many subplots going on at once, the change is subtle over the course of the books.This one confronted some problems that had been developing for awhile -- Sam's status as unofficial "guy-who-does-everything"; Astrid's pride and ego issues; Little Pete's craziness; Mother Mary's frustration and job dissatisfaction; Caine's hunger and psychosis; and the list goes on. One version of what's going on beyond the FAYZ is introduced, though it's still unclear what's real and what's not, which makes it rather suspenseful. I'm looking forward to reading the next book.