Another Little Piece

Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn Annaliese is found after being missing for a year with no memory of her past except for strange visions which make her wonder if perhaps she isn’t who she thinks she is at all.“I think I must have gotten carsick,” I said feebly.“Annaliese was never carsick.”The mom didn’t seem to notice that she had referred to Annaliese as if she was a different person from me, a person who now existed only in the past tense.Well… that was… intense. What I thought was going to be a psychological thriller/mystery turned out to be more of a paranormal thriller/horror, and a rather gritty one at that. Although it was not at all what I expected, it kept me guessing and kept me wanting to read on to see what would happen. Most of the characters seemed to have some sort of complexity to them, and the familial relationship was refreshingly positive.That being said, there was way more gore, casual sex, gore, violence, and — did I mention gore? — than I normally prefer to read about. Add onto that Insta-Love with a guy whom I was pretty convinced was a stalker and a whole bunch of flashbacks and I can’t say it was one of my favorite YA books I’ve read lately, but it was certainly different.Overall: Gory, creepy, but an interesting premise.