ARTEMIS FOWL - The Eternity Code

The Eternity Code - Eoin Colfer Teenage criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl plans one last underhanded venture, which backfires on him and costs him the life of someone very dear to him. He finds he must enlist the help of Captain Holly Short and the LEP (along with one reluctant dwarf) in order to right the wrong and steal back the fairy technology that he has inadvertently leaked into the hands of an even more dastardly criminal. As the high-tech and high-speed adventure unfolds, we're introduced to a newer, more compassionate Artemis who may finally be on the track to leave his life of crime and put others before himself... or is he?The twists and turns that this novel takes may be a bit predictable to readers of the first two books, but are fun and exciting nonetheless. The characters we were introduced to previously are further developed -- particularly Artemis himself, Butler, Juliet, and Mulch, who receive a lot of attention in this book. Between the fun-loving antics and witty comebacks, this book explores deeper themes of loyalty, friendship, and responsibility.As with previous books in the series, there is quite a bit of technical language and advanced vocabulary that may be intimidating to some young readers. As is always the case with Mulch the flatulent dwarf, there is also some potty humor that some parents may not appreciate. Overall, though, this book lives up to (or perhaps surpasses) the rest of the series as a smart, fun story.