The Lost Colony (Artemis Fowl, Book 5)

The Lost Colony - Eoin Colfer Teenage criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl is finally putting his genius to use for good! While hacking the fairy's network, he runs across some information on the lost colony of Hybras, where demons live in an alternate dimension. According to Artemis' calculations, the demons are all in danger, as their time spell is unraveling, which will soon cause the destruction of their magical island and all those on it. When Artemis moves to act on his theory, however, he finds he isn't the only one to have discovered the lapse -- twelve-year-old Minerva, another child genius, has discovered the existence of the demons as well, and it's up to Artemis and his friends to not only save the demons from their unstable time spell, but also from being put on display like zoo animals.I do think of all the Artemis Fowl books, this is probably my least favorite. My love for the series, though, remains intact, because despite it's shortcomings, this book still has a lot of the elements which make it a great book. I appreciate that Artemis is finally seeming to become a true protagonist, and a great friend to the other characters. His development in this book was true to his character, and showed his progress into a more noble Artemis that one can't help but root for. This book also contained less technical mumbo-jumbo than some of the previous books, and it was nice to explore more of the magical/fairy world, rather than the technical and scientific aspects. Also, I'm a huge sucker for time travel books, and this one leaves few -- if any -- irritating time travel plot holes.However, this one does introduce a number of new characters that are a bit lackluster -- Doodah Day is a bit like a less-colorful Mulch; Minerva is less-exciting Artemis; and while No1 has his funny moments, there's not really a whole lot that's significantly unique about the demon species. The quips about Artemis going through puberty are a bit ridiculous, and the whole inclusion of Section Eight taking on not only Holly and Mulch, but also Foaly, was a little too neat and tidy, and turned out to be completely unnecessary at the end, when the situation at LEP changed anyways.I think perhaps the author simply tried to get too much into one novel here, with the inclusion of three new allies, a new rival, at least two villains, and a whole new race of creatures. Regardless, if you can keep track of all that's going on, it still works well with the series and is a very exciting read.