The 13th Sign

The 13th Sign - Kristin O'Donnell Tubb My hands were both numb, but I managed to push the heavy basket in a circle, torching every shiny, nasty bug in sight. I think I was screaming, too. Because really, torching scorpions calls for it.When Jalen inadvertently releases the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac, Ophiuchus, it realigns the signs of everyone in the world, changing their personality attributes to the point where she barely even recognizes her best friend, or herself. To the other signs, her actions are seen as a challenge, and she discovers she must defeat all twelve signs in order to set everything right once again.This book reminded me a LOT of the Percy Jackson series. Fans of that series will LOVE the story of Jalen’s epic quest to defeat immortal opponents with only her courage, the help of her friends, and her knowledge of their mythology to assist her. The action is pretty much nonstop, and throughout it, the reader ends up learning a bit about the Zodiac signs and their differences as Jalen fights to defeat them all. Jalen was a great protagonist, who is smart, selfless, and determined, and the other characters were likeable enough as well.It was, however, a little hard to keep up with all of the action at some points. It seemed there was so much happening all at once that it was hard at times to keep up with some of the characters and what they each were doing. I also would have liked if the author would have included more implications of the personality shifts, since that was the part of the synopses I found most interesting. The section of the book prior to the shift was so short that it was hard to recall throughout the rest of it what the other characters had been like, and there were even some possible inconsistencies where people’s personalities hadn’t experienced major changes (such as Sylvie, Madame Beausoleil, and Henry)Overall: The 13th Sign is to the Zodiac what Percy Jackson is to the Olympians — a whirlwind of action as teens battle immortals to save the world