Requiem - In parallel story lines, Lena fights within the resistance as her best friend Hana prepares for life within the society.Maybe they were right about the cure. I am no happier than I was when I believed that love was a disease. In many ways, I am less happy.Half of this story is written from the perspective of Hana, now cured, preparing for her wedding to the mayor of Portland. These parts were full of secrets, danger, and held my interest. In fact, I found myself wanting to skip through Lena’s chapters in order to catch up to Hana’s story because I found it more interesting. Four stars to these parts.Lena’s chapters… meh. Two stars. The run-and-hide and run-and-fight and constant descriptions of their poor living conditions just seemed to drag, and Lena’s perpetual emotional pendulum that swung back and forth from Julian to Alex and back around again made me want to shake her. ”JUST TALK TO THEM. RELATIONSHIPS ARE ABOUT COMMUNICATION!” I didn’t like how they treated one another, so when it came down to the final decision of whom Lena would be with, I found that I didn’t even really care anymore.Overall: Thumbs up to Hana, thumbs down to Lena.