The Kill Order (Maze Runner Prequel)

The Kill Order - James Dashner I abandoned this one about 1/2 of the way through. It just did not hold my interest at all.He was still frozen, watching, as the first shot was fired from above. A blur of movement, a quick flash of something dark and small and fast bursting from one of those tubes. Mark's eyes followed the trajectory. He heard a sickening thunk, his head twisting to the side just in time to see that Darnell had a five-inch-long dart sticking out of his shoulder, its thin metal shaft planted deep within the muscle.This prequel to The Maze Runner tells the story of Mark, a boy who survived the sun flares and the tidal waves that came with them, only to be part of a group hunted down to be infected with a strange virus that causes people to go crazy. As the disease spreads and mutates, Mark and his friend Trina search for answers.I obviously didn't read the description to the book before picking it up. What I wanted was the story of Thomas and Teresa, their early lives, and their work with WICKED, including some back story about the flares and the virus and how that all came to be, perhaps as told to them as they decided to create the maze. There's a tiny teaser prologue at the beginning, and a tiny teaser epilogue at the back that include Thomas and Teresa, but it adds absolutely NO new information about them, leaving my questions completely unanswered. After I got to the halfway point, I started using the search feature on my Nook to look for "WICKED" or "maze" or "cure" or "brain" or "experiment" just to check, but found NOTHING that would answer my questions. *sigh*Instead, what the story does involve is a LOT of action, Michael Bay-style. I didn't get any feel for the main characters at all, and the two story lines that were told -- their meeting and escape from the city during the initial flares, and the current story line where those in the Berg are trying to infect them with the virus -- were so similar that if I had to set the book down mid-chapter, when I picked it up, I was often totally lost trying to figure out which scenario they were in. All I knew was that lots of people were running, killing, fighting for their lives, and dying, and rarely did the tension let up for more than a page or two; reading it was exhausting. They seemed to be acting haphazardly with no clear goal beyond survival and "get to the Berg!" (you have to read that last quote like Schwarzenegger in the movie "Predator" to get the full effect).Heads up: Lots of bloody violence, some swearingOverall: May be fun for those that liked the action in "The Scorch Trials," but those wanting answers to their questions about WICKED, Thomas, or the rest of the series will be sorely disappointed.