Six's Legacy (Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files, #1)

Six's Legacy (Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files, #1) - Pittacus Lore Number Six (current alias Maren Elizabeth) is part of an alien race introduced in the Lorien Legacy's first book, I am Number Four. When she meets up with four at the end of that novel, there are a number of unanswered questions which are now revealed in this ebook short story, detailing her life up until that point, how her Cepan was lost, and how she came into her own legacies.I really enjoyed reading the background story on Number Six. Although her story is similar to Number Four's, the different perspective was interesting, and her experiences that led up to her Cepan's death were really essential for understanding who she is in the Lorien series. Because it's a short story, the action moves fast, but there's still enough introspection and reflection for the reader to really feel connected to Six. In some ways, though, I felt Six's story was a bit too similar to Four's -- they are constantly on the move, don't get to settle down or make friends, and when they finally do let their guard down, the Mogs are there to take advantage of their slip in vigilance, and the end result is the Cepan's death. I'd have actually been more interested in Six's life after her Cepan's death -- how did she get by without a guardian/protector? She essentially went from a twelve-year-old girl to a solitary adult without any sort of normal transition, and I'd have liked to hear more about that adjustment.This is a great bonus novella for those reading the Lorien Legacies. Keep in mind that I have only read the first book; I'm not sure how this one fits in with the subsequent books, but as a "prequel" to I Am Number Four, I think it works well.