Annexed - Sharon Dogar I abandoned this book about 3/4 of the way through.This is a YA historic fiction retelling of Anne Frank's story, from the perspective of Peter, the boy whose family lived with hers in the Annex for two years. It's been many years since I read "The Diary of Anne Frank," but I remember the general story, and remember watching a play production of the events which I was fascinated with at the time. I felt let down, then, by this portrayal of the events.The idea of writing from Peter's perspective was interesting, and from reviews I read online, the second section, where he is in the concentration camp is absolutely heartbreaking... but I couldn't talk myself into reading that far.Somehow in this version of the events, all of the characters are unlikable. Anne is at first obnoxious and rude; later on she becomes obsessive. She seems callous, playing games with Peter's emotions. Peter's fictitious sexual obsessions made for rather uncomfortable reading (HOW many times does the author mention that he wants sex before he dies?), and it makes him seem shallow and self-seeking. I don't recall their relationship seeming so... contrived in Anne's diary.Overall, I think I would have liked this book better if it hadn't been about real people. I can't help but think that the author puts a poor construction on these very brave individuals who lived during one of the most frightening and dangerous times in modern history.