Promise Me This

Promise Me This - Cathy Gohlke This historical fiction novel tells the story of Owen -- a gardener crossing the Atlantic to make a new life for himself and his sister Annie -- and Michael, his young apprentice who takes up Owen's work when he perishes aboard the Titanic.As historical fiction, I thought this was well-researched and well-written. The author was perhaps a bit over-ambitious, trying to cover the Titanic disaster and World War I in the same novel, but with Annie and Michael's story as the central plot, it worked. The Christian message of perseverance and forgiveness was well-done as well; it seemed to come naturally, and not forced or as an afterthought. I also thought that the characters were well-developed and relate-able.Some parts of the story, however -- particularly the sections on life on the front lines of World War I -- I found incredibly depressing, and I'll admit I skimmed over some of the pages, not really wanting to get into a funk over it. This isn't a lighthearted read, although it does have a happy ending, for which I was very glad.