Prize of My Heart

Prize of My Heart - Lisa Norato (I really wanted to give this one three and a half stars!)This Christian historical fiction romance takes place in Massachusetts in 1815, where Captain Brogan Talvis enters the life of the Huntleys -- a shipbuilder and his two children, Lorena and Drew. Though they believe he has come solely for his new ship, Captain Talvis also has come to take possession of Drew, the son who was stolen away from him by his wife before her mysterious death. In somewhat predictable fashion, Captain Talvis instead finds himself falling in love with the beautiful Lorena, and when her life is put in danger, he must choose to either follow through on his original scheme, or to follow after her and put his future with his son in God's hands.For those interested in a clean romance novel with a bit of mystery and truths about trusting in God's love, this is a great book. The characters often referred back to the story of David, quoting his psalms and making analogies and parallels to their own story with his. The main characters were likable and the author wrote in such a way as to make the reader feel sympathetic towards them.I was a bit disappointed on the historical fiction aspect of it, though there was some insight into the life of an ex-privateersman and life on a ship in the early 1800s. It was set in the time period, but didn't give a whole lot of information about it. It was also a bit predictable; never was there any doubt in my mind how things would turn out, even during the last chapters where a heart-wrenching (though again, not all that unexpected) secret was revealed. A little more excitement or tension would have been welcome. The antagonist was a bit unbelievable; his plan didn't seem particularly well planned or executed.Overall, a very quick, light read. I'd definitely recommend it to fans of the religious historical fiction genre.