The Selection

The Selection - This YA dystopian romance is three parts "The Bachelor" and two parts "The Hunger Games." America Singer (yup, that's her name) is dumped by her lower-caste love-of-her-life and enters a contest that pits her against 34 other girls to win the heart (and hand in marriage) of the Prince of their post-WWIV society.The positives... This was a very light, fluffy read. Even when the mysterious "rebels" were attacking the palace, it didn't get too frightening, and the most violence was when one girl slapped another. There were times when I found myself rooting for America in her pursuit of the Prince -- unlike many YA relationships, they seemed to be getting to know each other as friends and confidantes first, and I appreciated her honesty and frankness with him. Until...The negatives...Partway through, America starts becoming jealous and possessive and picking fights over stupid things. Then, what's worse is when her ex-boyfriend shows up and the story turns into a love triangle. The friendships between the girls, the talk of the injustices of the caste system, and even the impending war all fade into the background as America's thoughts are now 24/7 focused on the all important question: Aspen or Maxon?... as well as how to keep Maxon (whom she had been honest with up to this point) from finding out about Aspen (whom she still loves, even though he was a complete and utter jerk). Ugh. Her fickleness and deception really makes me dislike America, and when the ending kind of plateaus with no resolution at all, I find myself not even caring which one she does pick, and hoping that Maxon (who has been a complete gentleman the whole time) chooses someone else... not that I'll be reading to find out.