The Thief of Auschwitz

The Thief of Auschwitz - Jon Clinch The whole continent was on its last legs, shot full of holes and staggering forward, trying with every last bit of strength not to fall into its own grave.(Fictional) Auschwitz survivor and painter, Max, recalls the time he and his family spent in Auschwitz and the lengths his parents went through to ensure his safety.In a fascinating mix of historical fiction, art history, and the touching tale of family love, peppered with just a bit of dark humor, this novel manages to bring to the reader the horrors of Auschwitz without falling into despair. The story of Max’s family is incredibly touching, and the prose is dynamic and makes this a quick read.Max’s storyline in the present was a bit hard for me to get into, though the ending worked out beautifully. Some of the first section of the book moved slowly, and I wasn’t certain where exactly the story was going, but once again, sticking through was worth it.Overall: Through this fictional tale of one family’s struggle for survival, the author portrays the terror of life in a Nazi concentration camp with caustic and heart-wrenching honesty.