A Tangle of Knots

A Tangle of Knots - Lisa Graff In a world where each person has one special Talent, a group of people — including a cranky old man, an orphan girl, a loving family, and a mute woman — are brought together by fate to find the things that they have lost.The Owner didn’t know it then, but in just one short week, all eight rooms would be filled. Some would be occupied by people with great Talents, others would not… But every last person would have something in common.In just one short week, every last one of them would have lost the thing they treasured most in the world.You gotta love any book that starts out with a recipe for cake. This sugary-sweet Middle-Grade novel lives up to its name as the connections between the characters get entangled, ensnared, and entwined. I loved how some of the connections were obvious right away, whereas others needed time to work through. The slightly-magical world where Talents are as unique as the characters themselves and fit each person perfectly was refreshing — a single, subtle change from our own world that makes a major difference.Young readers may initially have trouble following each character — I know I had a couple confused in the first chapters myself — but it’s worth sticking with it to see how everything ties in together at the end. Another disadvantage might be that this book makes the reader want to eat copious amounts of cake…for instance… The Owner’s Peanut Butter Cake With Peanut Butter Frosting which was absolutely fabulousOverall: Clever, imaginative, and sweet; this is the perfect novel for a middle-grade reader looking for a bit of whimsy.