BZRK - Michael Grant This mature (incl. sexuality, violence, swearing, disturbing themes) YA novel explores the terrifying concept of micro biological warfare. In the "macro," two teens are initiated into a secret group that fights terrorists intent on creating a world unified under their rule. In the "meat," dozens of biots (organic fighters that are intrinsically linked to their owner's mind and sanity) battle the enemy nanobots (tiny machines which are operated via computer monitors). These microscopic creatures have the power to alter a person's thinking by re-wiring his or her brain, so as the terrorists target the world's most powerful people, the stakes are raised for all involved.This book was incredibly intense, action-packed, and above all intriguing. The concept of micro biological warfare that takes place in people's brains is creepy and disturbing, but sure makes for a good story. The descriptions of what the world inside your body looked like at the microscopic level to the character's biots was amazing -- way to make science cool, Michael Grant. Well done.I was, however, a teeny bit disappointed in the ending. As I finished, I found myself thinking, "That's it?" Obviously it's set up perfectly for a sequel, but I couldn't help but hoping for some kind of crazy, out-with-a-bang kind of resolution, but I guess Plath is not Scipio either. ;)