League of Somebodies - Samuel Sattin Abandoned due to profanity, graphic sexual descriptions, anti-female and anti-religious contentA Scottish/Jewish/Polish boy is brought up to believe he has a special destiny as an extractor of justice, and raises his son in the same, in order to defeat a violent organization known as THEY.“The truth is,” Fearghas said. ”I’ve been preparing you for a non-stop life. One full of danger and triumph.”The premise of this book fascinated me. A multi-generational tale of superheroes in the making? Awesome! I was looking forward to an action-packed adventure full of humor, perhaps with a satirical edge that would poke fun at common superhero comics.Instead of poking fun at superheroes, though, this book seems to poke fun at just about everyone else. The plot progresses slowly, and most of the book seems comprised of characters making insensitive, coarse, and offensive comments about various demographics. I enjoy a good satire, but between the anatomy jokes and the constant use of “f***” and various other profanities, I couldn’t justify wasting any more my time with this book.