The 30-Day Praise Challenge - Becky Harling A twenty-minute-a-day devotion encouraging readers to spend time praising God.Focus your praise on God’s grace and forgiveness. Lay down every burden of guilt, shame, regret, and self-punishment. Imagine yourself clothed in Christ’s righteous robe.This book was simply not for me. Before picking it up, the reader should know that of the twenty minutes of praise encouraged by this book only includes about five minutes of reading. The rest is supposed to be spent listening to praise music. Let me say now, I’m not really a fan of the genre. Not only that, but I tend to like to spend my daily devotion time away from my computer, so being encouraged to look music videos up on YouTube is kind of counterproductive for people like me who could easily get sucked into checking email or updating a blog whenever opening a browser window.The rest of the devotion tends to follow the same kind of feel-good praise-music vibe as the genre, so if you’re into that sort to thing, this would probably be a great book for you. I did really appreciate the prayer portions, though.