Everfound - Neal Shusterman The Afterlights from books one and two head westward, with one side following Mary’s goal of destroying the living world, and the other side trying to stop her.Do you sense some unseen spirit whispering in your ear, announcing the end of everything you know? If you do, then Mary is close by, waiting for you with a loving smile, and her hordes are there as you fall, ready to catch you, and hold you, and keep you. Forever.There are so many reasons to love this series, but now, after re-reading the trilogy again, I think the one that stands out most is how vast and imaginative Everlost is. It’s a world where so many things are possible, following their own warped sense of logic, that you feel like Shusterman could write a hundred books about it, and still there would be more fascinating places, amazing people, and heroic adventures to find. I love the tie-ins to real-world places, things that were destroyed that are now lost in the limbo of Everlost.As the conclusion of the series, this book hits all the right notes. We have resolution for all of the characters. Some have happy endings, some tragic. We’re left with a sense of finality, but also a sense of hope and the feeling that more adventures could still be to come for our heroes, even as they part ways. A completely satisfying end to a completely satisfying series.