Together Tea - Marjan Kamali A mother-and-daughter duo visit their Iranian homeland fifteen years after immigrating to the United States for refuge amid the Iraq/Iran war.You will go to Wall Street, Dean Bailey had lectured. But first, she would go to Number 3 Takesh Street in Tehran, Iran. She would land firmly on that street and take in that other world again.This book, following Darya and Mina as they adapt first to life in America, and then to Iran once more upon their return visit, portrayed not only the harsh realities of war and the difficulties in adapting to a new culture, but also the sweetness of familial love and the things that we go through for one another. The author constructs real characters with silly quirks and idiosyncrasies that make the reader feel like they could be someone they might know, a member of their own family. Despite it’s serious subject matter, this story was truly quite cute.Personally, though, I felt it dragged on a bit. The chronology jumps from modern-day to the past and back again, but the past is simply expounding on things that the reader already knows about from the first section — the family’s life before the war, their personal loss, their escape, adjusting to the new life in America. Because we already knew what was going to happen, I found this section a bit tedious; I felt I knew enough already about their past, and was more interested in their present-day storyline.Overall: A novel about culture, culture shock, and belonging