The Keeper of Secrets - Julie  Thomas When child violin prodigy Daniel Horowitz learns the story of his family’s priceless violins that were lost during World War II, his mentor Rafael Gomez vows to help him discover what happened to them.“Don’t you see? It is the gift from your poppa. We must find that violin and we will find your heritage, Dan. Then you’ll play for the whole world.”Books about the Holocaust have a way of being heart-wrenching and poignant simply by their subject matter, and this book was no exception. This book starts with a tale of modern-day child violin prodigy, then tells the story of his family’s violin and how it was lost when they were sent to the concentration camps, followed by the story of how the violin came to its current owner and the special meaning it held for him, and finishes up as Daniel’s mentor tries to re-connect the violin with its rightful owners. I was impressed with the layers of musical and historical knowledge that was woven through this book.Strangely, though, I feel that the weakest section was that of Simon in the concentration camp. I didn’t feel as connected to these characters, so even when there were fatalities, it was simply stated, accepted, and didn’t bring forth an emotional response. The pacing through the entire book was a bit slow, and it took me awhile to get into the story.Heads up: This book does contain some profanity and sexual content.Overall: A book for music lovers who have an interest in history