Rush - Eve Silver After a near-death experience, a teen finds herself getting “pulled” into an alien-hunting alternate reality where she and a group of friends must fight their impending invasion of earth.“Don’t listen to him. We still have real lives. They just get temporarily interrupted every now and then.”Awesome premise. I loved the Ender’s Game-type setup, a world under threat of an alien invasion. Being “pulled” via time travel to the battleground, where then, if you succeed, you’re thrown right back to where you were, and if you don’t, then you die in real life, too. The “battle” scene involved high stakes, high energy, intensity.But, that’s where it all kind of falls apart. This book does NOT stand alone; it simply sets the stage for the rest of the series, and ends in a frustrating cliffhanger. Not only that, but SO MANY things are unresolved, things that the main character spends the entire book wondering about and asking about and getting cryptic half-answers about, to the point where I, as the reader, felt like I was being toyed with. The answers that were given were either so obvious that you feel like throwing the book across the room for dragging it out for so long, or were so convoluted that they only raise more questions.Overall: Great premise, but wait for the full series (or at least the next book), because this one isn’t satisfying on its own.