The One Year Book of Psalms - William J. Petersen,  Randy Petersen Devotional book that breaks up the book of Psalms into bite-sized daily readings throughout the course of a year.The Psalms are inspired by God, so they can teach us. And because they express emotions that flow out of the psalmists’ relationship with God, they can help us in our emotions as well.I would highly recommend this devotion book for anyone who likes a short Bible reading and inspiration at the beginning of the day to start out their morning right. The daily segments are short enough to read over your first cup of coffee, and express truths of God’s word clearly and concisely, often tying the Psalms to other parts of the Bible to better clarify the lessons learned.I loved that they were labeled with the date of the year, so that it was easy to remember where you had left off; and I loved the small blurbs of “fast facts,” “notable quotables,” and “bible networking” in the margins which added another depth of understanding to the Scriptures.