Ephesians: Life in God's Family - Woodrow Michael Kroll The book of Ephesians is studied in the course of thirteen lessons which focus on the Christian’s life as a member of the body of Christ.If we want to have a healthy view of the world around us and a triumphant experience in our Christian lives, we will have to live out the truth found in Ephesians.This 13-chapter study is perfect for individual bible study. Each chapter begins with a section from Scripture, followed by the author’s thoughts on the passage and how it relates to our lives. A “Go Deeper” section encourages readers to connect with other parts of Scripture, and each chapter ends with “Consider It” — seven or eight questions about the topic, beginning with comprehension and ending with an opportunity to apply each section to one’s own life. It has been a great study for our small group and encouraged me to take a closer look into this book of the Bible.I do, however, wish that there were more questions that would create conversation among a small group, as that was the setting in which I read this book. Often, we’d all have very similar answers, and would find ourselves going, “Yup, what she said!” instead of really having something unique to contribute.Overall: A great book for personal Bible study that can also be used for small group studies.