Queen of the Waves - Janice  Thompson, Janice Hanna This 52-week devotion features on a different Biblical couple each week, with a different focus for each day.When we trust in God’s sovereignty, we can be sure He will redeem every circumstance. This makes even boy-meets-girl marriages sweetly prearranged by God’s kind intervention and grace.The format of this book intrigued me. I liked the idea of analyzing the relationships of the people whose stories God shares with us in his Word, and using the lessons from those marriages to enrich our own. Each week featured five days of study: Their Story, Their Life and Times, Can You Imagine?, Their Legacy in Scripture, and Their Legacy of Prayer. Of these, my favorite section was Their Life and Times, which included historical context and additional cultural information pertinent to their story. For instance, did you know that “the Hebrew term for ‘second wife’ is literally ‘rival wife’?“The other, sections, however, disappointed me. First off, although there are 52 weeks, there are not 52 couples, as some (such as Adam and Eve) are the featured couple in multiple stories (or in that case, also in the story of their first sons). Though I expected ‘Their Story’ to include the Biblical account straight from Scripture, it ended up being more of a historical fictionalization of the couples’ stories that added dialogue, emotions, motives, and other details that muddled the story in my head, to the point where I’d have to go back and re-read each one in Scripture anyways just to remember which parts were factual and which parts were artistic license. All five of the sections are very short, so that all five could easily be completed in a single day, and breaking them up into separate readings didn’t work well for me; each section lacked the impact to carry through to the next days without having to reread them. Although the ‘Their Legacy in Scripture’ section did include application questions, I had a difficult time applying the other sections to my daily life or marriage.