Skybreaker - Kenneth Oppel Matt Cruse sets out in search of a legendary ghost ship filled with riches.I wanted the Hyperion. I saw its icy hull before my mind’s eye and it seemed an Aladdin’s cave that could solve all my problems.After thoroughly enjoying this YA steampunk trilogy’s first book, Airborn, I have no idea why it took me so long to read this second book in the series. Fear of disappointment, maybe? I needn’t have feared!We’re once again thrown into the amazing world of clockwork devices, airships, and Victorian society, done in such a way that feels so real and exciting it makes the reader want to be there. This book may even be better than its precursor — whereas Airborn felt like a steampunk Treasure Island and was, as such, a bit predictable, Skybreaker is a unique, new treasure hunt at high altitudes, and the characters have greater depth and dimension than in the previous book.My only complaint — a very minor one at that — was that the final fifty pages or so went from one high-action scene to the next, with very little “downtime” in between to catch your breath. This one would definitely keep you reading “just one more page.”