The Last Days of Lorien (Lorien Legacies: The Lost Files, #5) - Pittacus Lore On the planet Lorien, Sandor was a bit of a rebel, discontent with his lot in life, until the day that the Mogadorians attacked and he was forced into the position of Cepan for Number Nine.Maybe the rest of Lorien was still mostly oblivious. I knew the truth, though. I knew what I had to do.I was going to save the boy, or die trying.Of all the “Lost Files” that document the former lives of the Lorien series’ characters, this was one I had been looking most forward to. This short story gives some interesting background information on what Lorien was like before the Mogadorians attacked. I liked Sandor’s character, and think that his story gives the reader a greater understanding and appreciation for Number Nine’s character. The story was exciting and interesting, with a good balance of action and information.I do wish that less time had been spent on Sandor’s earlier life and more on the Mogadorian’s attack and the time that the Nine Gardes and Cepans spent on the ship to Earth; I’d have liked to hear more about that.