The Search for Sam - Pittacus Lore A rogue Mogodorian infiltrates his own society, determined to preserve the memory of the Lorien Garde who has become his best friend.Well, it turns out a hero’s lot is not glory or reward, but sacrifice. I’m still not sure I’m ready for that.In this short story, we meet up again with Adamus, the Mogodorian that in The Fallen Legacies turned traitor on his Mogodorian family. I enjoyed following his unique adventure and of all the characters in this series, I think he’s the one that has grown and changed the most; I’ve enjoyed watching his transformation.My biggest gripe about this book was the title. This was not about the search for Sam, at least not until the last two chapters. Even then, it wasn’t so much a search — they knew exactly where to find him. The title seemed a bit misleading and I had a hard time enjoying the action as it was happening because I kept asking myself “what about Sam!?!”