Legend - Marie Lu In a dystopian future, June Iparis is a military prodigy who goes undercover to hunt down her brother’s killer, the Republic’s most wanted criminal, known simply as Day.I know he’s going to be there. He needs plague meds desperately enough. And him showing up is all I hope for tonight — a clue, a starting point, a narrower direction, something personal about this boy criminal.This book has been on my to-read list for quite some time, and with its sequel, Prodigy coming out recently, I decided to finally pick it up. When I read about Lu’s inspiration for this book coming from Les Miserables, I was even more excited to delve in, and I found I was not disappointed.From the very first chapters, this story is filled with action, daring, and a female heroine who is strong, smart, and courageous. Though a bit predictable, this first book has effectively built the world and set the scene for the rest of the series, creating what’s sure to be a Divergent-meets-Hunger Games action-packed adventure.There were, however, some rather brutally violent scenes, including some torture scenes that made me cringe — they served their purpose, but as a general rule, I prefer fiction to be less explicit about torture. Also, it’s a good thing that my hardcover had Day’s narratives in gold and June’s in black, because their voices lacked any distinguishable differences.Overall: An action-packed start to an exciting YA dystopian series.