Before Midnight: A Retelling of "Cinderella" - Cameron Dokey In this retold Cinderella story, Cendrillon’s heartbroken father abandons her after her mother’s death in childbirth, leading Cendrillon to wish for a mother and siblings to love.He untied the laces of my sturdy, sensible shoe, then eased it off and set it gently on the ground. In its place, he slid on the slipper made of glass.The lovely language of this retelling made it feel like a fairy tale, though the outright magical elements are replaced with strangely whimsical, almost ‘miraculous’ events. The story focuses more on the familial love that Cendrillon desires, rather than the romantic love of a prince, which — in a way — was somewhat refreshing; I liked that it wasn’t all about finding a price to save her from her problems.Strangely, I felt that Cendrillon herself was a bit overshadowed in this story; I found her stepsisters, her childhood friend Raoul, and their personalities and side stories to be more compelling than Cendrillon’s. It also took me awhile to get into the story; the invitation for the ball doesn’t even arrive until after 3/4 of the novel is complete.