The Obsidian Dagger - Brad LaMar Brendan and Lizzie O’Neal think that their father’s research trip to Ireland will be rather ordinary, until they find themselves on a dangerous quest to save the king of the Leprechauns from an evil witch.The moat at the castle’s base was alive with slithering creatures craving an unsuspecting caller or perhaps a girl scout with a wagon full of cookies.This book includes so many things that I love about middle grade novels — a fast-moving plot that jumps from dangerous situation to dangerous situation; brave heroes that rise to the occasion with courage and bravery; and fantastical creatures that excite the imagination.There definitely is some predictability to the story, and the villain seems to be evil just for the purpose of being evil. Also, there are a few rather silly poop/fart-type jokes, but overall, it’s a pretty fun story.Overall: A fast-paced middle grade adventure novel full of magic, danger, and humor.