The Bluebeard Room - Carolyn Keene The redhead teenage detective travels to Cornwall, England to uncover the reason for her recently-married friend’s strange behavior.Nancy couldn’t help but remember the old fairy tale about Bluebeard, who forbade his beautiful young wife ever to open a certain room in his castle… Seeing her friend’s unhappy face, however, Nancy kept her thoughts to herself.It’s been many years since I’ve read a Nancy Drew book, but this one made me remember why I liked them — these quick, straightforward mysteries may be a bit formulaic, but the twists of the plot and the fact that Nancy is nearly always in incredibly dangerous situations make it a fun read anyways. Nancy herself is clever, yet modest, and incredibly practical, which are qualities I’ve come to appreciate in YA heroines.This book definitely shows its age, though… the lack of internet and cell phones allow for some of the plot twists that simply wouldn’t have happened with today’s technology at our fingertips. Nancy is also given many concessions that I doubt she could procure nowadays — information from police, doctors, and other sources whom I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be allowed to share that without fear of a lawsuit. I was also a bit surprised by the “love triangle” — Nancy, it seems, wins the attention of all the young men she runs into… I wonder how many male admirers she’s had throughout the series?Also, a heads up… this book contained references to drug use and the occult.Project Fairy Tale Connection:Poor girl marries wealthy, influential man? Check! The wife is a friend of Nancy’s, the man the heir of a spooky English castle.Man has a secret he keeps from his wife?Check! Though the secret isn’t really his, but his ancestors’Wife wonders what’s behind a locked door?Check! A door in the hallway is always locked, though the wife has no idea what’s in there and has been asked not to look.Other connections?The wife is separated from her family, and asks for friends (in this case, Nancy) to visit and share in her new wealth.Overall: A fun, quickie mystery that shows its age but doesn’t fail to entertain.