Moms Raising Sons to Be Men - Rhonda Stoppe Using Biblical encouragement and guidelines, the author explores the relationship between mother and son and addresses how to raise up your child to be a faithful, God-pleasing man.As you parent your children, if your focus is on every turn of events, you will certainly be overwhelmed and afraid… focusing on God and resting in His character will bring peace.This book presented down-to-earth, practical, and Biblically-based encouragement that I think many moms of sons need to hear. As a mom of two sons, I was reminded and spurred on in my effort to be a mother who will emulate Christ and raise up young men who take their walk of faith seriously. What’s more, most of the advice and admonition in this book can be applied to fathers as well, or moms raising daughters, though I did appreciate the focus on moms and sons, since that relationship is one that is incredibly important and unique. In the first half of the book, the author uses examples of mothers in the Bible — Mary, Hannah, and Eunice, to name a few of the positive examples — to illustrate some basic guidelines. Then in the second half, she breaks this down into seven important principles, giving examples from Scripture and from personal and secondhand experiences that make the points.This book didn’t contain as many applications as I had expected; it’s really more about establishing the principles and guidelines than a “how-to” book on explaining what this would look like in each individual family unit. As far as Biblical accuracy, my only complaint is that in the story of David, she makes some assumptions about David’s mother and their relationship where the Bible doesn’t address it; for all we know, David’s mother could have already passed away before the events recorded in the Bible. Also, although I appreciated the appendix sections, the one on “How to Have a Relationship with Jesus” uses some theologically synergistic phraseology.Overall: A Biblical look at what it means to raise up Christian sons