What a Son Needs From His Mom - Cheri Fuller A mom of two boys explores what it takes to be a Christian mother, with an emphasis on preparing him to become an adult.“The actual process of our children leaving the nest starts way before you take them to their college campus or they’re headed out for the honeymoon with their precious bride. And it’s important to get a big-picture perspective of what the end goal of all our parenting is.”This book contains a wealth of encouragement for moms with sons, from how to build their confidence without inflating their ego, to how to stay connected during the tumultuous teenage years, from how to really listen to what your son is saying, to how to prepare them for college and life beyond. The author draws from a variety of professional sources, as well as her own personal experience, and the examples included are realistic and practical.Although the advice given would be applicable to all mothers, there are certain sections — namely, the ones on how to pray for your son and the one on how to encourage your son’s faith — that are specifically for Christian mothers. Though I found the prayer section very useful, the section on nurturing your son’s faith took a decidedly evangelical/fundamentalist slant, discussing a son’s decision to be baptized, as well as how and when to encourage him to invite Jesus into his heart.Overall: Great encouragement for moms wanting to be more intentional in how they raise their sons.