So Shines the Night - Tracy L. Higley When Daria agrees to tutor Lucas, a wealthy merchant in Ephesus, she becomes entangled in the politics of the city, its warring sects, and the lies which threaten Lucas’ life.Purity was in rare supply in Ephesus. After her journey to the temple and Lucas’ angry reaction, Daria had wondered if her plan was hopeless. Perhaps Lucas’s preoccupation with revenge had already so colored his spirit that she could do nothing for him.Told in the style of a Gothic romance, borrowing heavily from stories like Jane Eyre and Rebecca, this book in the Seven Wonders series tells a tragic story of a man tormented by his wife’s death and the peace that comes to him through his young, beautiful tutor and hearing the message of The Way. I enjoyed the familiar aspects, and the tale was one of surprises and deception all around. The tie-in to Acts 19 was also interesting, as it is a little-known New Testament story.I had trouble, though, believing the character of Paul. Though he always was a humble man in his letters, calling himself a ‘chief of sinners,’ the Paul of this story seemed still haunted by the guilt of his previous life, even having him imply that he was not innocent, and that he deserved to be imprisoned. I guess I always imagined him to be more… joyful in his work.There were also some strange demonic practices and sorcery that was described in detail, that may be upsetting for some readers.Overall: Jane Eyre meets the Acts of the Apostles