On Calvary's Hill: 40 Readings for the Easter Season - Max Lucado Forty daily readings take Christians on a journey with Christ from His Palm Sunday entrance to his appearance to his disciples in the upper room.Maybe the only thing he knew about this Messiah was what he now saw: a beaten, slashed, nail-suspended preacher… Something, though, told him he had never been in better company.Max Lucado has a way with words. These short, daily devotional readings take part of the Passion history and paint it in beautiful, flowing words. Each begins with a Bible passage and ends with a short prayer that is meant to help a Christian remained focused on Christ’s sacrifice throughout Lent.I was somewhat disappointed, however, that there was no new material in this book. It is a compilation of Lucado’s other works, taking short sections which deal with the Easter story. For someone looking for a sampling of his writing, this is a great book, but those who may be familiar with his other books won’t find anything new here.