Shades of Earth - Beth Revis The people of the spaceship Goodspeed arrive on Centauri-Earth, and Eldest and Amy must discover who — or what — is causing a series of deaths on this strange, new planet.“These people — they’ve never had anything but a steel cage. If you open the door, if you let them see the world, they will love it, and they will do whatever it takes to make this mission work. They’ll do whatever it takes to build themselves a new home.”This sequel to Across the Universe and A Million Suns hit the nail on the head. Of the three books, this one was my favorite, with a fascinating new world, an action-packed plot, new characters, and more twisting of what the main characters thought was the truth. The author tied in elements from the first two books that hadn’t been fully explained and yet made this book a story all its own. I recalled not particularly caring for Amy in the first two books; in this one she seems to grow a bit of a backbone and I didn’t dislike her quite as much. Elder was still a more compelling character to me, and the choices that he was forced to make in this story pulled at my emotions and had me glued to the book, particularly for the last fifty pages or so.It is true, however, that many aspects of this book were kind of predictable. I had figured out who to trust and who not to trust about a hundred pages before Amy did; and a few of the final ‘surprises’ didn’t really surprise me at all.Overall: A strong finish to the series; fans of the first books won’t want to miss this one!