The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus - L. Frank Baum This novella tells the story of Santa Claus, raised by a nymph in the Forest of Burzee, friend to forest creatures, and generous giver of gifts to the poor and downtrodden.So he loaded a great sack with all kinds of toys, slung it upon his back that he might carry it more easily, and started off on a longer trip than he had yet undertaken.Borrowing much from pagan lore, the author of the Wizard of Oz series paints a quaint and likable picture of the jolly old man that’s so popular around this time of year. As I mentioned previously, we don’t follow in the tradition of Santa giving gifts to our kids, but I was interested to hear some of the stories surrounding him anyways, so that we can tell our children as they get older and start questioning, where these traditions came from.I liked that Baum brought into this tale many of the traditions which people believe about Santa — how he got started with his toymaking, why he uses reindeer, why children hang up stockings, and why he only comes one night a year. The story was cute and, though the descriptions get rather lengthy, I could see reading this story (or at least parts of it) to my kids when they’re older.Overall: A quaint, fairy-tale story of the mythical Santa’s origins.