The Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow - Olivia Newport When the Bannings’ maid Charlotte is left without a caretaker for her infant son, she must decide whether to tell the truth about him, or stand by as the family helps the presumably ‘abandoned’ boy find a new home.Soon he would sleep peacefully in the Banning nursery, of all places, while people were trying to sort out what was best for him… She felt like Moses’s mother, hired to take care of her own child.This Christian historical fiction novel is the sequel to The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, and — in my opinion — even better than the first book. I found Charlotte a more likable character, and her main conflict in this novel more believable and heart-wrenching than whether Lucy should tell her parents she was attending college. Not only that, but this one featured even more information about the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, which was the setting of both novels. It played into Charlotte’s dilemma, instead of simply being a backdrop, as it was for Lucy’s. Charlotte’s relationship to God also played a larger role in this novel than the last as she learned to trust Him.I would hesitate, however, to call this a romance novel — the romantic element was definitely a subplot, and it seemed that the development of the affection had happened prior to the start of this novel — they already liked each other; they merely had to remove the obstacles in their path.Overall: A touching novel of a mother’s love as she learns to trust God.