Exposure: A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare's Macbeth - Kim Askew, Amy Helmes In a modern re-telling of Macbeth, a high school jock dies at a party, and loner Skye knows that her crush and his cheerleader girlfriend were involved somehow, but as the school year progresses, all three of them feel the guilt of their silence in very different ways.She started rubbing furiously at the wool and leather coat with her bare hands until they were raw and chafed. ”It won’t come clean… He’s dead and buried, so why is he still here? Why is the spot still here?”I’m a big fan of modern re-tellings of classic stories, and this one played out like one of those typical teen high school rom-coms, which was kind of fun, but I’ll admit, certainly not for everyone. I did love how the authors tied in lines from the original play as titles for each chapter. I wondered how they were going to pull this one off with the setting of a modern-day high school, since if there’s one thing I remember from when I had to read Macbeth in high school, it was that pretty much every single character dies. Though Macbeth is the basis for this book, the authors took that basic storyline and some of the nuances of it, and created what truly is its own story, one that’s more about finding your own identity and not forgetting who your real friends are, than it is about murder and royal power struggles.Readers unfamiliar with Shakespeare’s play might still enjoy it as a teen drama, but likely won’t get the appreciation out of it that those with those background will have. Also, a heads-up: there are some serious issues within this novel that are handled kind of nonchalantly, including rape, mental insanity, teen drug and alcohol use, and sex. Handled somewhat more seriously are the issues of murder, extramarital affairs, and murder. Also, be ready for some “OMG”s and other teen jargon that will likely make this book seem rather outdated in a decade or so.Overall: A fun YA twist on Shakespeare in the same modern vein as the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”