The Rain - Andrew Klavan Newspaper reporter John Wells turns down a lead about a political scandal, but picks up the case again when his source is murdered.I’d turned this story down when it was just a sex scandal, but it was murder now… It was my job to get that story, to get it first.This book probably doesn’t really deserve the one-star did-not-finish rating I’m giving it, and I’m sure there’s folks out there that would love the dark, laid-bare moodiness, and the narration reminiscent of one of those “classic” black and white detective movies where everyone smokes incessantly and hides in shady corners. The murder mystery genre isn’t something I normally delve into, but after enjoying the author’s YA novels If We Survive and Crazy Dangerous, I thought I’d take a chance. For me, it didn’t work.Though the narrator has a very unique voice, it’s one of a rather seedy newspaper reporter who finds himself in situations with even seedier characters, which leads to a lot of filth — sexual affairs, prostitution, coarse language, and violence, including torture. Frankly, that’s just not how I feel like spending my cozy evenings in, so for me, this book was a definite miss.Overall: A dark and seedy detective story flavored with blood, sex, and nicotine — not my cup of tea.