Five Days of Fear - David Kovach When a family picnic ends in the tragedy of a kidnapping and shooting, FBI agent Dan Hamilton races against time to save the hostage and the citizens of San Francisco.This FBI crime novel will likely hold high appeal for fans of that genre. I really appreciated how “clean” of a novel it was — proof that you can still have danger, crime, and suspense without resorting to swearing or gore. The protagonists were truly good, noble people, the kind that you’d want to be around, and the story kept up a good pace as the FBI hunted for clues and narrowed down suspects.In some ways, however, the characters were a bit too squeaky clean. Although I appreciated how they were all well-spoken and polite, it made the dialogue a bit hard to follow, since the characters (which were many, as they each had specialized tasks) tended to sound alike. Because we had the perspective of Jessie’s mother, the kidnapping victim, in some of the sections, the resolution wasn’t really much of a surprise, and it seemed to fall into the investigators’ laps. I didn’t feel a whole lot of danger or suspense until the last fifty pages or so.Overall: A “good clean fun” FBI crime novel, but a bit too cut-and-dry for my tastes